The Rich History of a Mouthwatering Dessert

Have you wondered why everyone just loves cheesecakes? I mean, you don’t have to have a sweet tooth to like them. Their perfectly balanced sugar levels are adequate for people with all kinds of references. Plus, who is brave enough to resist the creamy, fluffy texture of cheesecakes? We’re just thankful to the person who came up with this heavenly recipe. You can’t pass by a bakery without buying a piece when they have cheesecakes in their display windows. It’s safe to say that QV Café & Bakery serves the best variety of cheesecakes in all of Victoria. Fortunately, cheesecakes can also be banting-friendly. Let’s find out why everyone is so fond of cheesecakes and since when.

The History of Cheesecakes and Their Origin

Rumor has it that the popularity of cheesecakes dates back to 230 A.D! It originated from Ancient Greece and the recipe was brought into existence for odd reasons. Some say that Romans consumed cheesecakes during their journey to conquer Greece. There’s some evidence to support the fact that Greeks used cheesecakes as an energy refilling snack, not the typical dessert that it is today. It was also served to athletes in the Olympic Games for the same reason. Now that is something that you probably didn’t know before.

However, the original recipe was slightly different than what it evolved into. It consisted of honey and pounded cheese so you can imagine how different the taste and appeal would have been. It wasn’t even baked. Gradually, as more people experimented with the recipe and replaced quite a few ingredients, cheesecakes came to be the heaven that they are today. As it reached America, cheesecakes were thankfully introduced to cream cheese. Surprisingly, 30th July is celebrated as international cheesecake day across the globe. That’s how important this dessert is to the general public of the world.

The Not So Secret Recipe of Cheesecakes

There is no one recipe that defines cheesecakes. Different cultures bake their cheesecakes in their own distinct way (some don’t even bake it). The Japanese don’t use any kind of cheese in them. In Greece, the hometown of cheesecakes, they use feta cheese whereas Germans use cottage cheese. Typically, a cheesecake consists of eggs, cream cheese, granulated sugar, sour cream, vanilla extract, lemon zest, and icing flavor (preferably berries).

The Best Cheesecake Flavors

QV Café & Bakery has been serving the best cheesecakes in all Victoria since 1990, which makes it over 3 decades. The bakery offers a broad variety of tantalizing flavors that will make your heart feel like warm butter sliding down a hot toast. If you don’t already love cheesecakes, the moist texture and amazingly moderate taste will change that perception. You get to choose from New York, chocolate cream, caramel crumble, caramel & coffee, lavender white chocolate, peanut butter chocolate, truffle turtle, etc. If you’re new to the world of cheesecakes, try the original New York cheesecake for starters. The proportion of cream cheese in it makes it so rich and dense. If you’re a sweet tooth, you should rather go for a caramel crumble cheesecake.

The Bottom Line

There are countless reasons to love cheesecakes and their background story is definitely one of them. In ancient times they had the value of granola bars. Today, they’re seen as a prestigious dessert. Your go-to flavors should be NY, caramel, and chocolate. If you’re still undecided whether you should try cheesecakes, walk over to QV Café & Bakery to make up your mind. We guarantee you. Your world wouldn’t be the same again. Thankfully, they’re somewhat diet-friendly too.