QV Café & Bakery | Who Are We, And Where We Started

QV Café & Bakery has been a family-owned and family-run business since the year 1990 when it started. That makes it over 3 decades of experience in serving wonderful breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Surprisingly, the location originally didn’t belong to the bakery. In older times, it used to be a central car repair shop in the area. The same explains the garage doors in the bakery’s exterior.

Because the space was originally used by a garage, the bakery now has a huge patio deck used for outdoor dining. Even if you don’t get any space indoors, you can enjoy your food outside in the wonderful weather and sunshine without having to wait for your turn. Outdoor dining is also your best option if you’re a tourist trying to make the most of the views of Victoria.

QV Café & Bakery also has a superbly comfortable indoor dining space for you. The interior isn’t too modern which makes it very cozy, to be honest. It’s the perfect spot for students and employees to recover from Monday blues if you ask us. You can select your breakfast or lunch from the amazing variety of the menu. You can find almost everything you crave here like burgers, sandwiches, soups, salads, pancakes, and french toasts. You may even get your omelets customized. However, your first choice will be to try the amazing delights sitting in the display windows. The variety of cheesecakes available is definitely the topmost reason why locals love QV Café & Bakery. Additionally, the coffee here is to die for.

QV Café & Bakery’s Amazing Coffee

What even is a café with subpar quality coffee? QV Café & Bakery serves the best coffee in town by investing time and effort into selecting its coffee beans and brewing the coffee. It is blended after roasting and the best part is that it’s Fair Trade certified. The espresso uses top-tier Tuscano beans for their breathtaking aroma and distinctive taste.

For decaf espressos, QV Café & Bakery uses reciprocate organic coffee. The satisfying blend of chocolate and cashew nuts with decaf espresso is something that is rarely found anywhere else. Of course, all the coffee is certified organic too.

QV Café & Bakery’s amazing variety of coffee also includes Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee. The distinctive trait about this one is that it’s grown about 2000 feet above sea level. it is considered the best coffee in all of Southern Ethiopia. Now, this is something to commend as Ethiopia is world-famous for its coffee beans. What exactly makes this coffee unique, or more importantly, award-winning? Because it’s grown on such elevated heights, it has unique and earthy flavor notes of citrus, nutmeg, and spice. It also won Silver for Organic Espresso in the Golden Bean Coffee Roasters Competition. This coffee too is Fair Trade and Certified Organic.

QV Café & Bakery doesn’t just offer breakfast, lunch, and amazing desserts. It is also known for its catering services across Victoria, BC. The menu is extensive enough for both meat-lovers and vegetarians. You also get to choose from a variety of QV Café & Bakery’s fantastic desserts. Additionally, you get organic fair-trade certified coffee added to your package. Your guests will surely love it! But remember, you’ll need to place your order at least 1 day prior to your event day.

Reasons to Finally Visit QV Café & Bakery

For starters, QV Café & Bakery’s classic New York cheesecake will make you wonder why you’ve never been here before. Plus, the variety in cheesecakes is amazing. You get to select from flavors like lavender white chocolate, peanut butter chocolate, caramel and coffee, truffle turtle, chocolate cream, and caramel crumble. Their moist texture makes them the best cheesecakes in the whole town. Cheesecakes are also a considerably healthy food item. In ancient times, they were served to the Olympic Games’ athletes for their nutritional value. If you want to complete the amazing cheesecake experience, pair it up with QV Café & Bakery’s Americano coffee. It is certainly a match made in heaven.

Besides breakfast items, QV Café & Bakery also offers an awesome lunch and dinner menu. You get to choose from a variety of burgers. There’s something for everyone whether you’re a vegetarian, or a fan of beef or chicken. The best part about dining here is that the portions are too good for the price. If you’re running low on the budget and want to fulfill your cravings and appetite, you know the place to go.